Team 24 Fitness

The Problem

Team 24 Fitness had a very focused business model that was difficult to portray to the everyday consumer, or more specifically, in the business of health and wellness. A new brand was necessary, along with a complete marketing campaign.

The Solution

GreenFox prepared a new variable logo, that worked well for all web and print media and proposed a 90 day social media campaign to push visitors to the new web site. GreenFox adequately updated the new brand with new business cards, window decals, signage, social media banners, and a new website.


Team 24 Fitness experienced immediate positive results. Their message is relatable to consumers and their inquiries have increased by 61%. GreenFox has created a brand that will last for Team 24 Fitness for years to come. The new brand will adapt well for this thriving and evolving small business.