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Company-Related Questions

1. How would you describe your services and/or products?

2. What are the long term goals of your company?

3. Why do you want a new website? Or, if you already have one, what do you want your new website to accomplish that is different from your current site?

4. Who are your main competitors?

5. How are you different from your competitors?

6. What’s the age range of your target customer base?

Audience-Related Questions

7. Why is the site needed?

8. Who is the audience? What are the age ranges and interests of potential visitors?

9. How will they use the website?

10. What are the key reasons users may have for visiting this site?

11. What should visitors come away with?

Content-Related Questions

12. What content will be needed for this site? (Example: blog/news feed, eCommerce, general information, photo galleries, etc.)

13. List sections and features you know you would like included:

14. What already exists? What needs to be developed?

Example: you have a logo and branding, but you don't have a bio

Communication-Related Questions

15. What are the primary goals and objectives of the site?

Example: is this a site intended to sell items? To brand market? To provide dynamic content like blog content?

16. Do you plan to update the site?

Will you be planning to update the site yourself, or do you need to arrange for GreenFox to maintain and update your site post-launch?

17. Do you like cheesecake?

Because, I mean...who doesn't?
YesNoI've never tried it...

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