Excuse Me, I Think You Forgot Your Why.

Excuse Me, I Think You Forgot Your Why.

Picture this scenario.

You walk into the doctor’s office because they told you they are giving away an iPad to a lucky winner. As you walk through the door, the doctor meets you and says, “Are you ready for your surgery?”

What would you do? I would think I was a bit on a reality tv show. Then, the doctor states, “well, what if I showed you my certifications, would you be ready for surgery then?” UHHHHHH no. “Well, what if I show you how sharp my surgery tools are? Maybe some pictures of clients who are happy with the surgeries I have performed?” Mr. Doctor, sir, you are nuts….

This is exactly what we do for people in our business. We tell them they need our products and services and we show them they need us by telling them how great we are, or how the product works in a perfect way. However, we forget the most important thing. WHY. Why do people need your product or service?

Picture some of the big boys…Let’s take Apple. Their commercials are typically not a shot of their phones that say, “Buy our iPhone, we are the biggest company in the world.” No, they give you a compelling why! Check out this video, and see if you can determine what the why is and how they achieved it.

Did you catch it?

You love a lot of things and if you get this phone, those things that you love will be even more magnified! They helped you get to a conclusion of why you need to justify spending $1,000 on a phone.

Don’t just look at this and say “well yeah, but that’s Apple….” It’s the lazy way out and let’s face it, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been. (Thanks for the quote, Andy Stanley.)

Let’s say you own an HVAC company. Obviously, we all need heat and air. How could we show the, “why,” on your website?

As I write this, it is freezing cold in the middle of December. So instead of having the static picture of the AC unit with your logo (as most HVAC companies have), why don’t we update your website with an image of a family hanging around the Christmas tree with a text title that says, “No matter the season, we’ve got you covered!” Included with that relevant image, you are presenting a compelling why. You are telling the story of what someone’s family could look and feel like if their house was warm and comfortable by having that company’s HVAC system installed in your house.

Don’t forget your “why”! It’s too important!

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Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

There is a big misconception on where marketing and advertising companies should be spending their marketing dollars. Often, to a fault, these ideas typically come from marketing companies that are trying to sell a product and do not have an overall care and strategy for the business in mind.

One of our sales people here at GreenFox had a meeting set up with a large car dealership and asked me (Eric) to come along with her, as I have some pretty in-depth experience working with dealerships. Once we arrived, we sat down with a young, go-getter type salesman and the Internet Director who had been doing car sales since I was in diapers.

We explained to them that we partner with businesses to be a full marketing solution to all of their problems. As we got deeper into the conversation, the young salesmen spoke up and said, “how much would it cost to run my personal car sales business facebook account?” I kind of cocked my head sideways and asked, “why would you want us to do that?” He said, “well, you guys are the experts and I don’t have time.” I told him that was a typical response and a main reason people hire us, but I didn’t think it was a good idea for him. He seemed puzzled, but I explained further…

I told him to put himself in someone else’s shoes, to get his mind off of sales for a second and to picture himself buying a car. I said “okay, so you’ve made the decision to make a vehicle purchase, what do you do?” He replied, “I go to car guru or a dealership’s website.” I responded, “EXACTLY! So, the ONLY way to influence people to buy from you would be PERSONAL relationships OR meeting people where they are already looking.” (the dealership website or some VERY targeted marketing through Facebook ads.) Dealerships spend thousands of dollars marketing to get people through the door. Any online personal marketing would actually be competition to the dealership EVEN THOUGH they are coming in the very location you are trying to market.

He agreed that it would be a waste of time and money and we moved on. As we were walking out the door, the Internet Director kindly pulled me aside and said. “I want to thank you for what you did back there. I know he would have pulled the trigger and paid you to run his facebook page and you could have let him, but you didn’t and that means a lot to me that you wanted to see him succeed.”

I share this story to say it happens EVERY day! People walk in, have a product, and tell people they need that product because everyone else has that product. The issue is, not every business needs the same thing. Below you will find a simple success guide to advertising. It is our goal to PARTNER with businesses like yours to not only fulfill the products that you need, but to partner with you in WHAT, WHEN and HOW you need to use it.

Retaining Customers One EMPLOYEE at a Time

Retaining Customers One EMPLOYEE at a Time

I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in my small town.

My small town happens to have two Starbucks about 3 miles apart. I typically go to the “other” one. I really didn’t know why I chose to go to the other one, I would just go. However, this morning I realized why. You see, typically, if I have time to do a little writing, I will go to Starbucks to do it. I love people, I love atmosphere, I love a cool vibe and culture where I can be creative and dream big. Today, I realized why I choose to go to the other Starbucks and it 100% has to do with culture.

The other Starbucks is full of fun jokester type baristas. They all have this similar vibe about them. They love what they do, they love who they work with and they love where they work. This type of culture is so attractive to me as a consumer. It makes me feel like I am a part of what they are doing. Honestly, I am a part of what they are doing. If I don’t get coffee there, they lose money, if I do, they gain money.

When I walk in to this Starbucks, I feel something very different. I feel very rushed. I feel like I am just here for them to hit the 1 minute and 30 second goal of getting me in and out the door. Most of the time (because it’s early) I hear how tired the baristas are. I hear the leaders saying what we are and aren’t doing anymore (this morning it was how they are not brewing decaf in the morning anymore) It’s obviously not a huge deal but instead of making me a part of their experience, they spent time communicating about do’s and don’ts.

What does this type of culture attract? It attracts the SAME type of customer. I’m sitting here by myself, however there is one table of five gentlemen in their 60’s across the way from me that have not stopped complaining about everything under the sun. This is NOT a culture that breeds creativity and big thinking.

So what’s the point?

The point is, I would be willing to say the other Starbucks has more customers and generates more revenue (ESPECIALLY returning customers) and it simply has to do with the culture. After all, it’s the same product. The coffee, food, and products are all literally the same.

My challenge to you today is to ask yourself, what kind of culture does your business have? Is it one that people can’t wait to work at, attend, show up to? Or is it one that people may be saying, “nah, I’ll go to the other guys…”

How to generate CONTINUOUS revenue

How to generate CONTINUOUS revenue

How to generate CONTINUOUS revenue: Making a lifetime customer. 

This is a big secret. No seriously, it’s the most underutilized, cheap way to stay in front of your customer. It’s actually something so close that you can see it. Right now…Any ideas? Well, if you are still clueless then I will let you in.

This process is called Email Automation or an Email Drip Campaign.

You get these emails all of the time, you may just not have known what they are called. They come in many different formats. Sometimes they come in the form of letting you know you put something in your cart on Amazon but you didn’t check out. Sometimes they come in the form of 20% off, new sales coming up, or free information.

No matter how it comes, you will need several things:

1. An Email System provider.

As of today, we recommend Mail Chimp. There are many options out there but for $10 a month to get started, it’s pretty tough to beat.

2. Content.

Content is king. In order to send emails, you MUST have content to send to people. This can come in the form of Video, text, images or a combination of all of the above.

3. An Email List.

This may seem like the toughest part, but it is fairly easy if you are intentional. If you have a storefront, simply ask people at check out what their email address is. If you want to give them something in return, that is always a good idea as well. Either way you look at it, an email address should be treated as the Golden Ticket to someone’s world of purchasing.

4. A Lead Generator.

This is something that you can trade online for an email address. This may be a discount, free information, free account or anything else that relates to your products or services.

5. Time.

This is the hardest part as all of our time is very limited. If you want to attempt to tackle this, we want to make a recommendation that you get one of these books! https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=email+marketing&rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Aemail+marketing


  1. If done correctly you can be in front of people for years with only ONE set up
  2. You can sell while you sleep
  3. You can become an information machine
  4. You can keep your business top of mind
  5. You can outsell your competitors BIG TIME because they probably don’t have what it takes to do this.


  1. It takes a lot of thought and hard work
  2. If done incorrectly, you could become more annoying than helpful.

***If you do NOT want to dive into this world due to time, we would love to do 100% of this for you. Just like you could probably figure out how to build a house, you would probably rather leave it up to the home builders. We are no different. Consider us the home builders of digital marketing. We can accomplish this FAST, and more importantly EFFECTIVE.


If you need help with this, pick up the phone and CALL right now. 817-330-9015…Don’t like phones? That’s okay, shoot us an email and we will respond TODAY! info@greenfoxmarketing.net

FREE Money in Your Pocket Today

FREE Money in Your Pocket Today

FREE Money In Your Pocket Today

So you own a business in a small town and you are just dying to get more leads and make more revenue. So, naturally, you find the avenues in which you can place your logo to “get your name out there,” right? Well, that may be what you have always done, however, if I could interject I would like to politely ask you to STOP! NOW! HURRRRRYYYY! This is one of the biggest money pits there is.

It has been proven that on a DAILY basis we hear and see over 3,000 marketing messages…Rewind, I said…on a DAILY basis we hear and see over 3,000 marketing messages per DAY! That’s insane! What’s more insane is that every day we fall for the trap that maybe, just maybe, if we put our logo on that golf hole, t-shirt, newspaper, team banner or anything else that people might just notice us.

Unfortunately, this is just not the case. In today’s world with the thousands of messages zooming past us, we MUST get more targeted in our messaging. You are better off spending your marketing dollars on things that have a call to action.

We recommend making certain that these things are in order before you EVER try to just throw your logo at things…

> Branding

Is your branding up to date? Don’t make the mistake of just assuming your branding is up to date. Ask someone, in fact, ask lots of people. People that will give you honest feedback and not just try to tell you “good job!”

> Website

Is your website design up to date? There are some MUST haves on your website. In case you missed it, check out this blog where we explain this in greater detail!

> Content

Is your content CLEAR on what you are asking people to do? This is often VERY overlooked. Most of the time you know the ins and outs of a product but no one else does. Instead of using fancy words, always use clear words. We like to use the phrase “Clear over cute.”

> Targeted Advertising

Do you have a TARGETED advertising plan? If I am a male in my 30’s, please do not try to sell me high heel shoes for teenagers. You are LITERALLY throwing your money away. This is why being targeted in your approach is SO important. Spend your marketing dollars wisely by sending the right message to the right people.

> Listings

Are your listings online current and accurate? This is one of those things that 95% of the time, business listings are incorrect and it is causing you to LOSE the game of search engine optimization (SEO). If you are unsure, we want to offer you this COMPLETELY FREE offering to get a simple MARKETING REPORT. Seriously, it’s free and will show you a lot about your business. Click here

If the answer to ANY of the above questions is no, please steer clear of throwing money at putting your logo on the next YMCA banner or softball team shirt. Fix these other things first, it will allow your future marketing dollars to go much farther!


If you would like a professional look into fixing these problems, please send us a message info@greenfoxmarketing.net and we will contact you today to get you in the right direction!