Clearview Chiropractic Life Center

Clearview Chiropractic Life Center

Because Dr. Sharla is a Believer in Jesus Christ, and blessed to be the 11th Doctor of Chiropractic in her family, she has a deep-centered passion to help infants, children, women & men express their God-given potential for health, energy, & vitality through natural Chiropractic care. Steeped in the tradition of Thompson and Upper Cervical Chiropractic techniques, Dr. Sharla is proficient in Activator Methods and Webster Technique for pregnancy as well. Joining the best of Restorative & Wellness Chiropractic care, Clearview Chiropractic Life Center is the epicenter of the Wellness Movement in Hood County. As a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner, Dr. Sharla’s Wellness Program includes instruction, coaching, & inspiration on exactly what to do, and how to get well & stay well for life.

She was awarded the 2010 Young Chiropractor of the Year by the Parker College Alumni Association, for her outstanding commitment to patient care and advancing Chiropractic Wellness. Dr. Sharla is a renowned speaker in our community and loves the opportunity to share her message of hope & healing with the public.

Dr. Sharla & her husband Justin were married in July of 2008 and have a 2 year old son. They are active members of Acton Baptist Church where Dr. Sharla serves the Lord through women’s ministry and her blog: Living Amplified.




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June 2, 2015